1. We Send You Client Requests

Clients come to 2Easy looking to hire professionals to accomplish their projects.
They answer specific questions to provide details about their projects
We review every client request to ensure it is legitimate.

2. You Decide Whom To Respond To

We send the client request via email to experienced professionals like you.
If you are interested and qualified, you can respond by sending a quote and personal message.

3. Send a Quote

Your custom quote includes a personal message and a fee estimate.
We automatically send your 2Easy profile containing your portfolio, your qualification, and reviews with your quote.

4. Work Out The Details With Clients

If the clients are interested in your services, they will send you a message or disclose their contact information to you.
You can work out the details with clients through 2Easy, over the phone, or in person.
When you’re hired, please remind the client to rate on your profile. Future potential clients will know you are active in business when they see your polish profile.
Give us more feedback so we will know how things can improve on our end. We aim to drive more job leads to you.

How Does 2Easy Help SME?

How Does 2Easy Help Freelancers?