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Longan Law Firm 隆安律師事務所

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  • Organization / Company
  • District: Hong Kong Island
  • City: Hong Kong
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  • Chinese Law & Practice (中國大陸法律)
  • Corporate Law (公司)
  • Legal Document (法律文件)
  • Contracts Law (合約)
  • International Law (國際法)
  • General Litigation (一般訴訟)
  • Tax Law (稅務)
  • Estate Law (不動產)
  • Wealth management
  • asset management
  • company listings
  • company listings
  • overseas company mergers and acquisitions
  • due diligence
  • offshore finance
  • cross-border investment and financing
  • non-performing assets disposal
  • 公司上市
  • 企業海外並購重組
  • 盡職調查
  • 境外公司架設
  • 財稅服務
  • 離岸金融
  • 跨境投融資
  • 不良資產處理
  • 財富管理
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  • Founded at Year 1992
  • Language:English,Mandarin,Cantonese
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Long An Law Firm is a full service Chinese law firm with offices in all major metropolitan areas across China. Founded in 1992 when China was just embarking on the process of privatization and reform of its economy, our first office in Beijing was one of the first few private law partnerships licensed by the P. R. C. authority.

Twenty years later, as China becomes the second largest economy in the world, Long An has grown into a national firm with expanding international service capacities.

Our international practice started with filing trademarks for foreign companies in China in the early 1990s. In the wake of China’s integration with the world trade system following accession to the WTO in 2001, we have advised many industrial, financial and technology companies in setting up sourcing, manufacturing and other operations in China. Today, we also represent many multinational consumer-oriented companies in meeting the consumption demands of the growing Chinese middle class.

Helping multinational companies navigate the challenges of a rapidly developing China, Long An lawyers take pride in providing legal advice and solutions with cultural sensitivity. We emphasize communication in plain language and make extra efforts to ensure our foreign clients appreciate the underlying business and social logic of relevant Chinese laws and regulations.

While many of our lawyers have overseas education or training, Long An professionals are deeply rooted in our communities in China. We count many of those national and local leaders in government, business or academics as friends.

At Long An you will meet lawyers who are equally confident in deal-making or adversary proceedings. Our know-how is not just measured in legal reasoning, rather Long An’s prowess is reflected in our in depth understanding of many industries and sectors, our connections with decision-makers and business leaders, and our insight into Chinese society at large. Clients often find this valuable to their mid and long term planning.

Located in Beijing, Shenyang, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjing and Qingdao, nearly 600 Long An lawyers stand ready to maximize the values of your business and protect your interests in China and beyond.




2014年,在英國著名法律雜志《The lawyer》公布的“2014亞太地區律所150強”排行榜中,隆安律師事務所榮獲發展最快的十大律師事務所之一,增長率為21.84%,排名第七位。

2015年英國《The Lawyer》雜志發布的亞太地區律所之律師人數排行榜中,名列第15位,在中國位列第9位。

Longan Hong Kong is a partnership law firm approved by The Law Society of Hong Kong according to the Regulations of the SAR.  Its affiliates can provide litigation and non-litigation legal services involved in the jurisdictions of Hong Kong, the United States, Europe, etc. Longan Hong Kong provides the following services:

  1. Business services: including but not limited to assisting in company listings,  overseas company mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, setting up offshore companies, tax services, offshore finance, cross-border investment and financing, and non-performing assets disposal;
  2. Wealth management: including overseas migration, cross-border real estate sales and purchases, asset management and family trusts;
  3. Litigation services, including but not limited to: handling overseas litigation according to domestic clients and handling domestic litigation according to the foreign clients.
  4. Special legal services: including special services of legal advisory, legal opinion, debt analysis, debt financing, internal security and other external loans.

There are over 30 professional and senior lawyers including Hong Kong lawyers, UK lawyers and US lawyers. They are dedicated to providing total solutions on comprehensive business, finance, litigation and other legal services, which are diversified, personalized and comprehensive.


  1. 商業服務:包括但不限於協助公司上市、企業海外並購重組、盡職調查、境外公司架設、財稅服務、離岸金融、跨境投融資、不良資產處理等業務; 
  2. 財富管理:包括境外移民、跨境房產售買、資產管理、家族信托等;
  3. 訴訟服務:包括但不限於接受境內客戶委托從事境外訴訟業務、接受境外客戶委托代理境內訴訟業務服務等;
  4. 專項法律服務:包括專項法律顧問服務、法律意見書服務、債務調查服務、債務融資、內保外貸業務等。
隆安隆安香港分所聯營機構現有香港注冊律師、英國注冊律師、美國注冊律師等總計30多位資深法律專家,致力為跨境客戶提供多元化、個性化、全方位的綜合商業、金融及訴訟法律服務解決方案 ,是一家注冊於香港地區的跨境綜合法律服務商。