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  • Organization / Company
  • District: Hong Kong Island
  • City: Hong Kong
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  • General Litigation (一般訴訟)
  • Civil Law (民事)
  • Bankruptcy (破產)
  • Consumer Law (消費者)
  • Corporate Law (公司)
  • Contracts Law (合約)
  • Criminal Defense (刑事辯護)
  • DUI (醉酒駕駛)
  • Divorce & Family Law (離婚和家庭法)
  • Intellectual Property (知識產權)
  • Estate Law (不動產)
  • Labour & Employment Law (勞工法)
  • Legal Document (法律文件)
  • Personal Injury Law (人身傷害)
  • Wills & Estate Planning (遺産繼承法)
  • Company Secretary
  • Company Incorporation
  • International Law (國際法)
  • Chinese Law & Practice (中國大陸法律)
  • 僱傭及服務合約
  • 草擬公司章程
  • 收購及處理私人公司
  • 轉讓業務及資產
  • 企業合資
  • 特約及許可經銷合約
  • 經銷及代理合約
  • 貨物買賣及供應合約
  • 上市前及上市的法律服務
  • Company formation in Hong Kong and other offshore jurisdictions
  • Drafting and advising on memorandum and articles of association
  • Business registration and company secretarial services
  • Acquisitions and disposal of private companies
  • Transfer of business and assets
  • Joint ventures of different natures
  • Distribution and agency agreements
  • Franchising and licensing agreements
  • Sale
  • purchase and supply of products agreements
  • Pre-IPO and IPO services
Additional Information
  • Founded at Year 1970
  • Language:English,Mandarin,Cantonese
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Hon & Co., as proclaimed by its name, was founded by the late Mr. Alfred Y.S. Hon, Solicitor, in 1945 after the Second World War practicing in various aspects including civil and criminal litigations, conveyancing, probate, tenancy disputes, commercial and financial matters, etc.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Mrs. Hesta Lo Hon Shau Ching (admitted in 1963), Mr. Alfred Hon's sister as well as his 2 sons, the late Mr. Walter S.W. Hon (admitted in 1959) and Mr. Peter S.T. Hon (admitted in 1969) joined the practice and Hon & Co. became a medium size firm well known in Hong Kong.

After the retirement of Mrs. Hesta Lo and the passing away of the late Mr. Walter Hon, Mr. Peter Hon has become the sole proprietor of Hon & Co. in about 1997.

In 1999, Mr. Matthew Y.S. Wong (admitted in 1999) joined Hon & Co. as the assistant solicitors and became a partner of Hon & Co. as from 1st December 2001.

  1. Arbitrations;
  2. Building and Constructions matters;
  3. Civil and Criminal Litigations;
  4. Commercial and Company matters;
  5. Contract Law;
  6. Conveyancing, Land Law and Tenancy matters;
  7. Corporate Finance (M&A and IPO) matters;
  8. Defamation;
  9. Employment;
  10. Family Disputes and Resolutions;
  11. Immigration;
  12. Insolvency;
  13. Insurance matters;
  14. Intellectual Properties;
  15. Mediation;
  16. Personal Injuries and Employees Compensation;
  17. Probate and Administration of Trusts;
  18. Sale and Carriage of Goods;
  19. Shipping Law;
  20. Taxation, etc;






黃顯舜律師現為韓潤燊律師樓執行合夥人。 在業務範圍方面, 客人可得到以下各方面的法律諮詢:-

  1. 仲裁;
  2. 建築及建造法律;
  3. 民事及刑事訴訟;
  4. 商業及公司法律;
  5. 合約法律;
  6. 房地產,土地及租務法律;
  7. 企業金融(收購合併及上市)法律;
  8. 誹謗;
  9. 僱傭;
  10. 家事糾紛及和解;
  11. 入境法律;
  12. 破產及清盤;
  13. 保險法律;
  14. 知識產權;
  15. 調解服務;
  16. 人身傷害及僱員賠償;
  17. 遺囑認證及信託管理;
  18. 貨品售賣及運載法律;
  19. 船務法律;
  20. 稅務法律,等等;

Construction / 建築

Our team of lawyers provides efficient and effective legal advice to our construction-related clients of different size companies.

To meet the business needs of our clients, our services cover a wide spectrum of advice including: -
  1. Building and civil engineering contracts;
  2. Consultancy and project management agreements;
  3. Litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution for construction and civil engineering;
  4. Referrals for rating and valuation.



  1. 建築及土木工程合約,
  2. 諮詢及項目管理合約,
  3. 建築及土木工程有關之訴訟、訟裁及糾紛解決問題,
  4. 估價之轉介。

Commercial and Corporate Finance/商業及企業

Our team of lawyers has wide range of experience in advising and drafting commercial contracts for corporations of different sizes. In short, we regularly advise clients for the following aspects: -

  1. Company formation in Hong Kong and other offshore jurisdictions;
  2. Drafting and advising on memorandum and articles of association;
  3. Business registration and company secretarial services;
  4. Acquisitions and disposal of private companies;
  5. Transfer of business and assets;
  6. Joint ventures of different natures;
  7. Distribution and agency agreements;
  8. Franchising and licensing agreements;
  9. Sale, purchase and supply of products agreements;
  10. Employment and service agreements;
  11. Pre-IPO and IPO services, etc.

  1. 香港及海外成立公司,
  2. 草擬公司章程,
  3. 公司註冊及秘書服務,
  4. 收購及處理私人公司,
  5. 轉讓業務及資產,
  6. 不同類型企業合資,
  7. 經銷及代理合約,
  8. 特約及許可經銷合約,
  9. 貨物買賣及供應合約,
  10. 僱傭及服務合約,
  11. 上市前及上市的法律服務,等等。

Intellectual Property/知識產權

Intellectual property rights are valuable assets to clients. Accordingly, we have endeavoured to protect the intellectual property rights of our clients by providing the following aspects of services: -

  1. Trademarks registration;
  2. Design registration;
  3. Patent registration;
  4. Copyright licensing.

  1. 商標註冊,
  2. 設計註冊,
  3. 專利註冊,
  4. 借用版權。

Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution/民事訴訟及糾紛解決

Our civil litigation department consists of one of our strongest staff team handling various aspects of civil litigation cases including commercial, contract and tort areas. Apart from this, for the best interests of our clients, our firm is strong and aggressive to advise client for amicable settlement of the civil disputes. In short, our firm is now providing advice and services in the following aspects: -

  1. Contractual, commercial, conveyancing and construction disputes;
  2. Debt recovery;
  3. Employment related matters;
  4. Sale and carriage of goods actions;
  5. Recovery of land and related matters;
  6. Mortgage and ownership related matters;
  7. Tax-related matters.
  1. 合約、商業、土地產權及建築糾紛,
  2. 債務追討,
  3. 與僱傭有關之糾紛,
  4. 貨物買賣及運載之糾紛,
  5. 追討土地及有關糾紛,
  6. 按揭及業權糾紛,
  7. 稅務問題。

Criminal Litigation/刑事訴訟

In the past years, our staff in the criminal litigation department have provided services and advice to different walks of life from the initial stages of arrest all the way to court hearings including handling appeal in the Court of Final Appeal. Most importantly, our team members are experienced in formulating effective strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes and results for clients.

In short, our criminal litigation team is providing the following services: -

  1. Advising clients and attending police stations and other law enforcement agencies with clients including ICAC, CCB and IRD for interviews, taking cautioned statements and attending identification parades.
  2. Advising on the prosecution proceedings including collecting evidence;
  3. Advising and attending police stations and court for bail application and mitigation;
  4. Advising and attending court in conducting trials and appeals to all levels of courts in Hong Kong.



  1. 給予客人意見,甚至到達警署及其他執法機關(包括廉正公署、商業罪案調查科及稅局),陪同客人與執法人員會面,落口供及進行認人程序,
  2. 給予客人有關檢控程序(包括證據搜集)之意見,
  3. 陪同客人向警署及法庭作出保釋及求請申請,
  4. 代表客人出席法庭聆訊及向高級法院申請上訴。

Property, Tenancy and Conveyancing Practice/物業、租務及房地產法律

The lawyers and staff in our Conveyancing Department are experienced for wide range of conveyancing, tenancy and property related matters. In particular, we frequently advise clients for the followings: -
  1. Sale and purchase of residential, commercial and industrial properties in Hong Kong;
  2. Preparing mortgage and/or other financial arrangements relating to real property on behalf of banking or financial institutions;
  3. Preparing deeds of mutual covenants and management agreements;
  4. Preparing tenancy agreements and advising on all tenancy matters including the up-dated tenancy laws in Hong Kong;
  5. Preparing relevant land title documents, etc.
  1. 住宅、商業及工業房地產之買賣,
  2. 為銀行及其他財務機構草擬有關按揭之文件,
  3. 草擬大廈公契及管理合約,
  4. 草擬租約及提供最新之租務法律諮詢,
  5. 草擬有關土地契約等。

Personal Injuries and Employees Compensation/人身意外傷亡及僱員工傷賠償

Our personal injury and employee compensation team is strong and aggressive in providing services to clients including legally aided clients for advice relating to victims and insurers in different kinds of accidents. In particular, our firm endeavours to assist victims to have their misfortune compensated in the following areas: -
  1. Employees compensation claim;
  2. Personal injuries (injuries during employment or running down) claim;
  3. Fatal accident claim;
  4. Medical negligence claim.

  1. 僱員工傷賠償,
  2. 人身意外(在工作中或車禍意外中)賠償,
  3. 意外死亡賠償,
  4. 醫務疏忽賠償。

Bankruptcy and Companies Winding-up/破產及公司清盤

It goes without saying that the number of bankruptcy and companies winding up cases after 1997 is enormous. Accordingly, our firm has formed a specialized team focusing on the following services: -
  1. Pre-winding-up advice;
  2. Members' voluntary winding-up proceedings;
  3. Creditors compulsory winding-up proceedings;
  4. Pre-bankruptcy advice;
  5. Debtor bankruptcy petition proceedings;
  6. Creditor bankruptcy petition proceedings.
  1. 公司清盤前的意見,
  2. 股東自願清盤程序,
  3. 債權人清盤程序,
  4. 破產前的意見,
  5. 欠債人破產呈請程序,
  6. 債權人呈請欠債人破產程序。

Family Law and Matrimonial Proceedings/家事法庭程序

Our firm provides comprehensive services in advising clients including legal aided clients dealing with all matrimonial matters including the followings: -
  1. Preparing separation agreements;
  2. Preparing documents for the whole divorce proceedings on different grounds of petition;
  3. Advising on the custody matters;
  4. Division of properties between spouses and children;
  5. Relevant injunctions for matrimonial proceedings;
  6. Guardianship of minors.
  1. 草擬分居協議書,
  2. 在不同呈請原因下,草擬整個離婚程序之有關文件,
  3. 向客人提供有關撫養權之意見,
  4. 產業分配(夫婦及子女間之分配),
  5. 有關家事法庭程序之禁制令,
  6. 未成年人仕之監護權。

Will, Probate and Trusts/遺囑、遺產及信託事宜

Our firm is providing a comprehensive range of service in advising clients on their will and probate matters as well as trust arrangements for different purposes. To sum up, our team members advise clients in the following aspects: -
  1. Preparing wills;
  2. Handling matters relating to the grant of probate and administration of deceased's estates;
  3. Advising on matters relating to Deed of Family Arrangement;
  4. Advising on distribution of deceased's estates.
  5. Setting up Family Trust and related services.
  1. 草擬遺囑,
  2. 處理遺產承辦之事宜,
  3. 提供家庭財產安排之意見,
  4. 提供遺產分配之意見,
  5. 設立家庭信託及相關專業服務。