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  • Organization / Company
  • District: Hong Kong Island
  • City: Hong Kong
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  • General Litigation (一般訴訟)
  • Corporate Law (公司)
  • Legal Document (法律文件)
  • Contracts Law (合約)
  • Intellectual Property (知識產權)
  • Estate Law (不動產)
  • Tax Law (稅務)
  • Wills & Estate Planning (遺産繼承法)
  • Chinese Law & Practice (中國大陸法律)
  • 企業籌資及重新集資
  • 電子商貿協議
  • 合資項目及策略性投資
  • 授權許可、特許經營、分銷及生產
  • 資產、生意及公司買賣
  • 交易所上市、發行股權、股權配售
  • Advising on listed companies
  • including regulatory and compliance advice
  • Contracts and regulatory matters
  • Corporate financing and refinancing
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganization
  • E-Commerce agreements
  • Joint ventures and strategic investments
  • Licensing
  • franchising
  • distribution and manufacturing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Pension Schemes and Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme
  • Stock exchange listing
  • rights issues and placing
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  • Founded at Year 1980
  • Language:English,Mandarin,Cantonese
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Tsang, Chan & Wong was established in 1980 by our two founding partners,
Mr. Patrick Tsang and Ms. Cecilia Chan. Our Firm has grown steadily over the years to its present size of over 70 staff and professionals of whom more than 10 are lawyers.

Our office is situated at the whole 16th floor of Wing On House in the commercial centre of Hong Kong. Our Firm has different departments and handles all aspects of general practice with particular emphasis in the following areas of practice:-

  • Banking
  • China Practice
  • Civil Celebrant
  • Conveyancing and Real Property
  • Commercial
  • Corporate Services
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation
  • Tax, Trust and Probate

Our Firm acts for clients with a diverse range of interests in all business sectors including major banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, industrial and commercial companies. We strive to understand our clients’ businesses and to provide them with the most practical and cost effective approach to protect their interests.

We have the expertise, the experience, the resources and the flexibility to meet our clients’ changing needs and are committed to meeting challenges by anticipating their needs and moving quickly to provide them with the services required to survive, to succeed and to prosper.



  • 銀行業務
  • 中國業務
  • 婚姻監禮人
  • 房地產
  • 商務
  • 公司服務
  • 知識產權
  • 訴訟
  • 稅務、信託及遺產承辦




Our Banking Team provides a full range of services to major banks and financial institutions. Our work includes:-
  • Advice on retail and corporate banking operations
  • Advice on new banking products, letters of credit, regulatory advice and cyberbanking
  • Debt recovery and debt restructuring
  • Loan and security documentation
  • Regulatory and compliance matters
  • Syndication and project finance
  • Corporate lending

  • 零售及企業銀行業務的法律諮詢
  • 新銀行產品、信用證、法規意見及網上銀行的法律諮詢
  • 債務追償及債務重組
  • 借貸及抵押法律文件
  • 監管及履行事宜
  • 銀團貸款及項目融資
  • 企業借貸

China Practice/中國業務

Our Partner, Ms. Ho Yin Fong Julian is a China-Appointed Attesting Officer. We have association with major law firms in the PRC with whom we work closely to offer the following services to our clients:-
  • Acquisition and disposition of land in PRC
  • Commercial project financing
  • Joint ventures
  • Loan and security documentation 
  • Notarial services
  • Real estate development and sale


  • 在中國內地購買及處置土地
  • 商業項目融資
  • 合資項目
  • 借貸及抵押法律文件 
  • 公證人服務
  • 房地產發展及銷售

Civil Celebrant/婚姻監禮人

Our solicitors have recently been appointed civil celebrant of marriages to render services in hosting wedding ceremony for the relevant parties in accordance with the Marriage Ordinance at a designated place and time on a designated date.
Instructions should be given at least 3 months before the wedding date in order to enable us to complete the relevant legal procedures such as filling in and submitting the application form to the government, filing and posting of the notice of intended marriage, etc.



Conveyancing and Real Property/房地產

Our Conveyancing and Real Property Department is well-equipped to handle all kinds of property transactions and provides the following major services:-
  • Conveyancing and real estate
  • Land related security financing including building mortgages
  • Sale and purchase, leasing and/or development of commercial, 
  • industrial and residential real estate 
  • Property development and planning
  • Sale and purchase of commercial, industrial and residential properties
  • Tenancy Matters
  • Tender and auction transactions 
  • Other security financing including shipping mortgages
  • 房地產
  • 土地抵押融資,包括樓宇按揭
  • 工商業及住宅房地產買賣、租賃及/或發展
  • 房地產發展與規劃
  • 工商及住宅物業買賣
  • 租務事宜
  • 招標及拍賣交易
  • 其他抵押融資,包括船務按揭


Our Commercial Department provides the following major services:-
  • Advising on listed companies, including regulatory and compliance advice
  • Contracts and regulatory matters
  • Corporate financing and refinancing
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganization
  • E-Commerce agreements 
  • Joint ventures and strategic investments
  • Licensing, franchising, distribution and manufacturing
  • Mergers and acquisitions 
  • Pension Schemes and Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme
  • Sale and purchase of assets, business and companies
  • Stock exchange listing, rights issues and placing


  • 為上市公司提供法律諮詢服務,包括監管及履行方面的法律意見
  • 合約及規管事宜
  • 企業籌資及重新集資
  • 企業重整及重組
  • 電子商貿協議 
  • 合資項目及策略性投資
  • 授權許可、特許經營、分銷及生產
  • 合併與收購
  • 退休金計劃及強制性公積金計劃
  • 資產、生意及公司買賣
  • 交易所上市、發行股權、股權配售


Our Firm offers our clients a wide range of corporate services including:-

  • Company incorporation
  • Company secretarial services
  • Offshore company incorporations


  • 公司成立
  • 公司秘書服務 
  • 離岸公司成立

Intellectual Property/知識產權

Our Firm represents local as well as overseas clients providing them with the following services:-
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • Intellectual property agreements involving distribution, licensing, 
  • franchising and technology transfer 
  • Registration and protection of trademarks, patents, copyrights and designs
  • Trademark opposition and rectification proceedings


  • 執行知識產權
  • 與經銷、授權許可、特許經營及技術轉移相關的知識產權協議 
  • 商標、專利、版權及設計的註冊和保護 
  • 與商標異議及修正有關的法律訴訟


Our Litigation Department provides services covering a wide spectrum of civil disputes and is staffed by a team of solicitors and legal executives with many years of experience in Court related work including:-
  • Banking 
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings
  • Debt recovery
  • Employment disputes
  • Contract / tort disputes
  • Goods sold and delivered
  • Landlord / tenant disputes, claims for rental and repossession 
  • Mortgagee actions, documentary credit and guarantee disputes 
  • Personal injuries, employees’ compensation and common law claims
  • Property damage recovery
  • Public liability claims
  • Vendor / purchaser disputes


  • 銀行業務
  • 破產及清盤訴訟
  • 債務追償
  • 僱傭糾紛
  • 合同/侵權糾紛
  • 已出售及付運的貨物
  • 租賃糾紛、租務索償及物業收回
  • 按揭訴訟、跟單信用證及擔保糾紛
  • 人身傷害、僱員賠償及普通法索償
  • 財產損失追償
  • 公共責任索償
  • 買賣糾紛

Tax,TrustAnd ProBate/稅務、信託及遺產承辦

Our Firm handles probate and administration work, both local and overseas, as well as tax planning and setting up of trusts covering the following aspects of work:-

  • Estate succession planning 
  • Individual and / or corporate tax planning
  • Probate, resealing of probates, grants and letters of administration
  • Setting up of family trusts and for private unit trusts
  • Setting up of charities with tax exemption
  • Wills and codicils


  • 遺產繼承策劃
  • 個人及/或企業稅務策劃
  • 承辦遺產、遺囑認證蓋章、贈款及遺產管理委託書
  • 成立家族信託基金及私人單位信託
  • 成立免稅慈善基金
  • 承辦遺產及遺囑修改附件