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ELI K.K. TSUI, Solicitor 徐家駒律師行

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  • Organization / Company
  • District: Kowloon
  • City: Hong Kong
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  • General Litigation (一般訴訟)
  • Corporate Law (公司)
  • Bankruptcy (破產)
  • Consumer Law (消費者)
  • Civil Law (民事)
  • Contracts Law (合約)
  • Criminal Defense (刑事辯護)
  • Divorce & Family Law (離婚和家庭法)
  • Immigration Law (移民)
  • DUI (醉酒駕駛)
  • Estate Law (不動產)
  • Intellectual Property (知識產權)
  • International Law (國際法)
  • Chinese Law & Practice (中國大陸法律)
  • Labour & Employment Law (勞工法)
  • Legal Document (法律文件)
  • Personal Injury Law (人身傷害)
  • Traffic Law (交通法)
  • Tax Law (稅務)
  • Wills & Estate Planning (遺産繼承法)
  • Interview with or Investigation by Inland Revenue Department
  • Avoiding Tax
  • Appeals in Board of Review
  • Litigation involving tax matters
  • Arrangement of Accountant
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  • Founded at Year 2008
  • Language:English,Mandarin,Cantonese
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Our firm was established since 1996, we have jointly experienced the upturns and downturns of the economy of Hong Kong and of the global world together with the general public, accumulated experience through daily communication with clients and practice, and have extensive comprehension on the needs of clients and in an extensive range of legal services. Please refer to the 「Practice Areas」Section of this website for further information on the legal services that we have been providing in all these years. In certain particular case of client, we may also assist in referral to Legal Counsels and other person or corporation with the respective professional background. In order to provide more professional and efficient legal services, our firm makes a special effort to focus on Trusts, Estate Assets Arrangement and Probate, Will, Customs Laws and Immigration and priority treatment of cases of our existing clients and their referrals.



Capital Investment Scheme
  • Application under the 6.5 Million Capital Investment Scheme, the according Annual Reports and Renewal of Visas
  • Application for right of abode in third countires
  • Application for Hong Kong Identity Cards
  • Application for Visas

Immigration Law; Visa
  • Application and Extension of Visa (Investment, Employment, Dependent or Others)
  • Immigration Tribunal Hearing
  • 申請香港650萬投資移民,及其相關之每年申報,簽證續期
  • 申請第三國家居留權
  • 申請香港身份證
  • 出入境法例、簽証
  • 簽證申請或延期(投資、僱員、親屬或其他)
  • 入境審裁處聆訊

PRC Affairs/中國業務

  • Capital Investment Scheme
  • Application under the 6.5 Million Capital Investment Scheme, the according Annual Reports and Renewal of Visas for PRC residents
  • Application for right of abode in third countires for PRC residents
  • Application for Hong Kong Identity Cards for PRC residents
  • Application for Visas for PRC residents
PRC Affairs
  • Application to List PRC Company in Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Joint Venture in PRC Project
  • Introduction of PRC or HK Lawyers
  • Supervision in PRC Litigation
  • Advice on PRC Law
  • Investment in PRC
  • Landed Property Development in PRC
  • Financing in PRC
  • 代國內人士申請香港650萬投資移民,及其相關之每年申報,簽證續期
  • 代國內人士申請第三國家居留權
  • 代國內人士申請香港身份證
  • 代國內人士申請香港入境簽證
  • 國內合營企業
  • 國內訴訟轉介及監督
  • 國內法律諮詢
  • 國內投資
  • 國內物業發展
  • 國內貸款安排

Criminal Litigation/刑事訴訟

Criminal Litigation and Mitigation
  • Criminal cases of various kinds (including case handled by police; ICAC; Immigration; Customs & Excise and Department of Health, etc.)
  • Trial and Mitigation in Magistracy, District Court, High Court or Court of Final Appeal.
  • 各類刑事案件(警方、廉政公署、入境處、海關及衛生處等案件)
  • 裁判署、地方法院、高等法院及終審訊及求情

Civil Litigation/民事訴訟

Civil Litigation; Settlement

  • Monetary Claims and Claims of Damages
  • Dispute on property estate or interest
  • Injunction
  • Special Performance
  • Defamation, Libel
Intellectual Property Litigation
  • How to protect Intellectual Rights?
  • Warning Letter and Litigation on Infringement
  • 各類錢債及索債案件
  • 爭產案件
  • 禁制令
  • 強制履行
  • 誹謗
  • 如何保障知識產權?
  • 侵權警告信及訴訟

Property Law/物業法例

Conveyancing; Tenancy
  • Sale and Purchase; Transfer of Ownership
  • Mortgage or Pledge; Release or Receipt on Discharge
  • Land Development or Re-Development Compensation
  • Transactions involving Small House
  • Transaction involving New Territories Land
  • Dispute on Land
Building Management
  • Deed of Mutual Covenant
  • Management Agreement
  • Building Management Ordinance
  • 按揭/抵押、贖契
  • 土地發展或重建賠償
  • 村屋發展及買賣
  • 新界土地交易
  • 土地權益糾紛
  • 租約、退租書
  • 欠租律師信,封舖或收樓申請
  • 大廈公契
  • 管理協議
  • 建築物管理條例

Family Law and Probate/家庭法例及遺產承辦

Divorce; Family Law
  • Separation Deed
  • Application for an Order to remove child out of Jurisdiction
  • Divorce Petition (Consent or Non-Consent)
  • Application, Variation of Custody Order
  • Dispute on Property Appropriation
  • Questions on Maintenance or its variation
  • Application for Injunction/ mareva injunction on
  • removal of Child out of jurisdiction
  • Access to Child
  • Exercise of Violence
Probate; Will
  • Will drafting
  • Estate Duty Planning
  • Estate Duty Clearance; application to Court for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration
  • Trusts Settlement
  • Dispute on Entitlements of Estate
  • 分居協議書
  • 申請子女到外地讀書或移民
  • 離婚(同意或不同意)
  • 子女撫養權申請或變更
  • 財產分配爭議
  • 贍養費追討或變更申請
  • 申請禁制令
  • 限制子女離境安排
  • 限制探訪子女時間地點
  • 禁制配偶使用暴力
  • 草擬遺囑(即平安紙)
  • 遺產稅務計劃
  • 遺產報稅、遺產承辦
  • 信託安排
  • 爭產安排


Company Winding Up
  • Voluntary Winding Up
  • Involuntary Winding Up (by Court, Creditor or Employee)
  • Debtor's application
  • Creditor's application
  • 公司自願清盤
  • 由法庭、債主或僱員申請之非自願清盤
  • 個人申請
  • 債權人申請

Company Law/公司法例

Commercial Company Law
  • Setting up of local or overseas company
  • Protection of Shareholders' Rights
  • Partnership or Shareholders' Agreement
  • Joint-Venture Agreement
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Advice on and Drafting of Commercial Contract
  • Fiduciary Duty of Director
Company Listing, Fund Raising and Private Placement
  • Application of List Company in HKEX
  • Arrangement of Sponsor
  • Arrangement of Accountant
  • Legal Adviser of Listed Companies
  • Corporate Financing
Securities and Futures
  • Insider Dealing Tribunal Hearing
  • Investigation under Securities and Futures Commission
  • Securities Law in general
  • Claim involving Brokers' Firm
  • 成立本地或海外公司
  • 保障股東權益
  • 合夥協議
  • 項目合作協議
  • 公司收購及合併
  • 各樣商業合約草擬及諮詢
  • 董事法律責任
  • 申請公司在港交所上市
  • 安排保薦人
  • 安排會計師
  • 上市公司法律顧問
  • 企業融資
  • 內幕交易審裁處聆訊
  • 證劵及期貨事務監察委員會調查
  • 一般證劵法例
  • 證劵行追數

Personal Injuries/意外傷亡

Professional Negligence
  • Claim against Professional Negligence
  • Professional Misconduct
Claim arising from Accidental and Occupational Injury or Death
  • Claim against Employer
  • Claim against Driver and Vehicle Owner
  • Claim against Insurance Company
  • 向專業失當人士索償
  • 違返專業操守
  • 向顧主索償
  • 向肇事司機及車主索償
  • 向保險公司索償


Employment Contract and Dispute Insurance Law and Claim
  • Drafting Employment Contract
  • Dispute between Employer and Employee
  • Appeal from Labour Tribunal to High Court
  • 草擬顧傭合約
  • 勞資糾紛
  • 向高等法院提出之勞資審裁處上訴


Consumer Protection
  • Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance
  • Control of Exemption Clauses Ordinance
  • Consumer Council Ordinance
  • 消費者委員會條例
  • 管制免責條款條例
  • 消費者委員會條例

Trade Mark/商標

Trade Mark Registration
  • Trade Mark Registration with the Intellectual Property Department or extension of registration
  • Transfer of Trade Mark
  • 向知識產權申請註冊商標或將註冊延期
  • 註冊商標之轉讓商標註冊


Legal Letter; Power of Attorney
  • Legal Letter of various kinds
  • Power of Attorney (General, Sale and Purchase of Landed Property, others)
Annual Retainer as Legal Advisor
  • Legal Advisors of Companies; Bodies or Incorporated Owners' (retained on an annual basis or otherwise agreed)
Handling Complaints
  • Lodging complaints about unfair acts
  • Reply to Complaints
Tax Matter and Interview with Inland Revenue Department
  • Interview with or Investigation by Inland Revenue Department
  • Avoiding Tax
  • Appeals in Board of Review
  • Litigation involving tax matters
  • Arrangement of Accountant
Judicial Review and Administrative Law
  • Judicial Review
  • Habeas Corpus Injunction
  • Complaint against Misconduct of Public Bodies
  • Complaint against Proceeding within the Disciplinary Forces
  • Joint Venture or Partnership Agreement
  • Agreement with Customers
  • Agreement of Transfer of Technology or Intellectual Property
  • Sexual Discrimination Ordinance
  • Disability Discrimination Ordinance
  • Family Status Discrimination Ordinance
  • Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Conduct) Ordinance
  • Electoral Affairs Commission Ordinance
  • Prevention of Bribery Ordinance
  • Legislative Council Ordinance
  • District Councils Ordinance
  • Heung Yee Kuk Ordinance
Mental Health
  • Mental Health Ordinance
  • Powers of Attorney Ordinance
  • Criminal Procedure Ordinance

  • 各類律師信
  • 授權書(全權代理、買賣樓宇、其他)
  • 公司、團體、業主立案法團法律顧問(常年或其他方法)
  • 對不公允待遇作出投訴
  • 投訴回覆
  • 稅局會面或調查
  • 合法避稅
  • 稅務上訴委員會聆訊
  • 稅務訴訟
  • 安排會計師
  • 司法覆核
  • 人身保護令
  • 禁制令
  • 處理公營機構失當事宜
  • 紀錄部隊內部聆訊失當
  • 合作夥伴合同
  • 客戶協議
  • 科技或知識產權轉讓協議
  • 性別歧視條例
  • 殘疾歧視條例
  • 家庭崗位歧視條例
  • 選舉(舞弊及非法行為)條例
  • 選舉管理委員會條例
  • 防止賄賂條例
  • 立法會條例
  • 區議會條例
  • 鄉議局條例
  • 精神健康條例
  • 授權書條例
  • 刑事訴訟程式條例
  • ELI K.K. TSUI, Solicitor
  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) (HKU)
  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) (University of Beijing)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) (HKU)
  • Principal of Messrs. Eli K.K. Tsui & Co., Solicitors
  • The Guangdong Province Tsengcheng municipal administration cooperates committee member
  • Legal Consultant of Listed Companies of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
  • Honorary Legal Adviser of New Territories West Private Practitioners' Network Limited
  • Honorary Legal Adviser of Tahitian Pearl Association Hong Kong
  • Honorary Lecturer of IFPC Limited
  • Liquidator appointed by The Official Receiver
  • Certified Financial Consultant
  • Legal Adviser of Small Enterprises & Labour Co-operation Association
  • Consultant of Incorporated Owners' of Multi-Storey Buildings
  • Assigned Solicitor of Legal Aid Department
  • Lawyer of Duty Lawyer Service at Courts
  • Duty Lawyer of Building Management Resource Centre of Home Affairs Department

Publication :
  • [大中華地區理財規劃實務解套]
  • [傳財富家業 過三代]