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  • District: Hong Kong Island
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  • 視像會議
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  • Founded at Year 1991
  • Language:English,Mandarin,Cantonese
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由1991年成立至今一直帶領著整個視聽器材租賃行業。 我們以提供專業的技術支援及先進的器材為我們的服務宗旨。為求滿足人客的嚴 謹要求,我們均具備資深的技術專材;加上我們會不斷引入最先進的視聽器材以供人客選擇。我們專營視聽器材租賃、平面設計、燈光及立體電腦繪圖設計,並專門協助你推廣新產品,製作宣傳活動,編排錄影片段及其他多元化的多媒體製作。

「AV策劃推廣有限公司」經過多年來不斷發展,已具備豐富的舞台製作及視聽支援的經驗。由構思、制作、統籌到演出,我們都能保證有滿意的效果。我們的網絡遍及中國主要大城市,包括北京、上海及廣州。無論你的會議展覽在何地舉行,我們都能準備就緒,竭誠為你服務。 如果想進一步認識「AV策劃推廣有限公司」,請進入這裡,裡面有一些關於我們曾經參與過的項目。

Welcome to AV Promotions Ltd

was established in 1991 and has been a leader in the audio-visual and the staging rental industry. The guiding philosophy of our service to our clients is to provide excellent technical support and high quality up-to-date equipment. In view of the stringent requirements of our clients, our technical and service personnel are highly trained with extensive technical background and working experience. Our list of equipment is just as impressive with the latest demonstration and presentation products that are currently available on the market. It is updated constantly to keep up with trends and customer requirements.

Our areas of expertise include audio visual equipment, lighting system, graphic design, and 3D computer aided designs. We have specialised teams of professionals that cater for new product launches, promotional events, video programming and various multi-media productions.

Over the years, AV Promotions Ltd have continuously expanded. We are now able to provide the complete management of presentations and tradeshows from conception, planning, staging and execution. We have a network of offices in the major cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Wherever your exhibition or conference is, we will always be ready to serve you in all your staging or design needs. If you want to know more about our company, please click here to view a list of our credentials. 


Without the aid of effective audio and visual impact, most conferences, exhibitions and presentations will turn your audience asleep. Your company’s image or personal appearance enhanced with the appropriate video, sound and graphics puts you on a professional standing. We are dedicated to bring out the best in you and your company whenever and wherever the show is on. You can always be assured of our service and professionalism at all times.


Conference / Special Events

在過去幾年,我們提供過無數會議設備給大小規模的會議展覽。在這個資訊爆炸的年代,跨國會議已經是司空見慣,我們可以透過互聯網或人造衛星傳訊,提供國際視頻及音頻把多方不同國界的人士連結起來。我們曾支援過"555 創見大征集"、世銀會及國際貨幣基金會儀,並獲得理想效果。 具備無數支援商貿易展覽及宣傳推廣的經驗,我們有能力協助你突顯公司或商品。我們有一班能幹而且富有創意的策劃專材助你策劃、設計、支援至完成每一個宣傳活動。「AV策劃推廣」的專業精神及雄厚實力必定能夠大大提升你公司或商品的形象。


Video Conference 視像會議


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