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  • District: Hong Kong Island
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  • 3D & 2D Design, CAD Services
  • 3D Printing
  • 3D Printing
  • 3D Design
  • CAD
  • FDM
  • FFF
  • SLS
  • SLA
  • ColorJet
  • PolyJet
  • MultiJet
  • Manufacturing
  • 3D Scanning
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  • Founded at Year 2014
  • Language:English
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3Faktur has been providing rapid prototyping and 3D design services since 2014 to customers in both Europe and Asia.  We can start from a verbal concept, 2D-drawing or 3D model and create the perfect physical model for your presentation or customer testing.  We offer a wide variety of 3D printed materials and traditional finishing processes.

It’s 3Faktur’s main goal to make 3D-printing accessible to everyone. For that reason we offer the entire value chain, from modeling to post-processing of the prints. This enables you to get your highly individualized 3D printed product without having specialized skills or equipment – let us just take care of it!

- Manufacturing
- 3D modeling
- 3D-modeling based on 2D-templates or drawings
- 3D printing
- Rapid prototype
- Design consultation
- Enhancing your 3D-files
- Generating fantasy figurines
- Realizing your product ideas
- Spare part production
- Parts and models for your hobby

Or, You need something different? Reach out to us – we’ll find a solution for you!

With our diverse team of designers, engineers and scientists, as well as a plenty of software and hardware tools to choose from, we are your right partner in 3D modeling, 3D scanning and 3D printing. Our production methods include full-color gypsum polymer printing, SLS, SLA, polyjet 3D-printing, as well as vacuum casting. 

3Faktur is specialized on 3D-printing applications. One of our areas of focus is 3D-Modeling. With a diverse range of software and tools we have the perfect set-up to realize your concept.

Provide us your drawing or 2D-CAD file and we’ll make it 3D. Also, if you need your 3D-Scanner files to be improved and print ready – we are the right partner to help you fast and in a cost-efficient manner. 


We strive to truly understand the needs of all our customers to help them present the best possible version of their physical concept.
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 creates an individual figurine from your pet! All we need are a few photos, and you'll get a unique memory of your best friend!

Doolydoo is a service that transforms children’s 2D drawings into real and colorful sculptures. You can decide between two product types - figurines and plaques. All you need to do is send your favorite drawing to us, and we’ll provide to you a wonderful piece of art that can make any room or office more beautiful, and is the most personal present one can think of.

Markus May


Markus May is the Chief Executive Officer of 3Faktur. Before founding 3Faktur, Markus has worked 6 years for McKinsey & Company, in Berlin, Vienna and Shanghai. He holds a MSc in Biological Sciences, as well as an MBA.

Johannes Zaremba


Johannes Zaremba is the Chief Financial Officer of 3Faktur. Before founding 3Faktur, he has founded several successful businesses, and worked in the finance departments of multiple multinational companies, including BMW and Sandoz. Johannes holds a BA in both Business Administration and Industrial Engineering.

Simon Choe


Simon Choe is the Group Chief Operating Officer, as well as the Chief Executive Officer of 3Faktur HK Ltd. Before founding 3Faktur, Simon has worked for IMS Health as consultant, and Project Engineer for Biomet in New York, Changzhou and Shanghai. He holds a BSc in Engineering, as well as an MBA.