Find local professional service agencies
2Easy is a B2B research and review platform for Hong Kong top professional agencies.
How 2Easy Works
Define Your Needs
Firms are mapped based on focus and ability
Define Your Needs
Browse thorough reviews and find firms that meet your needs
Hire Right Agency
2Easy matching system helps you find and hire agency in a few clicks
Why 2Easy?
Verified Reviews
2Easy conducts all reviews by phone or email, ensure the end clients speak their thoughts
Analytic Graphs
2Easy collects information about agencies and market information, make them available in diagrams for easy understanding.
Independent Research
2Easy conducts research based on own findings, eliminate low-performing agencies.
Are you a quality agency?
"2Easy is an example of how Cyberport supports entrepreneurship and nurtures community engagement. We are pleased to support their platform where our Cyberport companies not only find the appropriate business servoce providers, but also promote their services and get job leads."
Mark O.Clift
COO, Cyberport
Our boutique agency got consistent clients from 2Easy!
From Marilyn, Eyedropper Creative Agency Co-Founder