2Easy introduces quality professional agencies to business clients.

From quality website development to a product video, 2Easy guides you to the right agencies.
2Easy is a data-driven platform assisting companies to make a hiring decision. We conduct interviews with agencies’ past clients, collect data from each agency and offer our insights. Based on the comprehensive analysis, clients can choose the right agency within hours for their next project!
We see a challenge
  • Clients are unable to find all relevant information at one place
  • Clients rely on different channels, find agencies’ contacts, call them up, wait for their reply.
  • Clients want to listen to the agencies’ past clients
  • Professional agencies spend marketing and advertising costs in different channels to reach potential clients but bring little effect
We build a solution
  • A platform offering comprehensive true client reviews, as well as data about the professional agencies
  • We organize data collected from agencies, offer industry insights and hiring recommendation to business clients, connect both parties within hours. The typical hunting process speeds up significantly and clients hire with higher confidence.
  • Here is what you need to pick up:
  • Read true reviews of the agencies’ past clients
  • Discover market insights offered by 2Easy and market leaders
Our Team & Development
  • Our Experience:
  • Market Research
  • Professional Agencies
  • Online Marketing and Sales
  • Web Design and UX Design
  • Programming and Technology
  • Yes! A Team of All
We are the Asia’s Largest Agencies Hiring Platform
2Easy is a Hong Kong digital solution company that is a proud member of "Cyberport incubation Programme".
Over 30% of Hong Kong GDP is relevant to professional services. Hong Kong needs an online professional services marketplace to to strengthen the industry advantage further, bring it to the next level.
We Believe
Clients can be matched with the right agencies more accurately within an effective time frame. Professional agencies save time and costs in marketing their services, but a higher conversion rate can be realized.
Our Office
Room 3, 9/F, Core C,
Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road,
Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong
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