Frequently asked questions

1. How does 2Easy work?
With hundreds of professionals and business services listed on 2Easy, search the category you’re interested in to find professionals. You can submit a job request to professionals, wait for them to get back to you! Behold the list of local professionals for you to browse. View their profile, portfolio, rating and reviews, then select your ideal professionals.

Click “Free Quote” to connect with professionals. Provide as much information as possible when filling out the questionnaire. The more details you provide, the faster they reply with an accurate quotation.

As soon as you are happy with the professional, click “Make Offer” to hire the professional. After the project has been completed, you are encouraged to come back to the 2Easy site to rate the professional. 2Easy will reward you by providing a free publicity service for your business.You will find your business name and introduction appear on the site and monthly newsletter.
2. What does 2Easy do exactly?
2Easy HK connects businesses and business services. You can be an enterprise or corporates to look for an agency for your project. You can be a mid or large-size established company to downsize your size and outsource more works. We have something for you. Our mission is to help you find local business professionals for your project, in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner.
3. How do I find a professional?
You can read through professional profiles, fill in a questionnaire and send them a personal message. Professionals may request for further information and send a brief quotation. After communicating with the professional, if you think they might be a good fit for your project, you can click “Make Offer” to proceed.
4. Who are the professionals?
Professionals listed on 2 Easy HK are business service providers; industries range from design, programming to writing. Most of them are small-mid sized professional firms. We verify their identities with their phone number, address, business certificate, experience, reviews and portfolio.
5. How can I protect my idea and ensure that it won’t be disclosed or stolen by the professional I am hiring?
An employer can create an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and make sure the professionals sign it. But the best bet for the employer would be meeting up with the professional in person before beginning the project, discuss and sign a solid NDA. Please login to your client Dashboard for a sample NDA.
6. Do I need to pay to find a right professional?
No, you don't. It’s free for you to use the portal and hire high-quality professionals.
7. Do you perform background checks for those listed on 2Easy?
Yes, we do. We collect details from professionals, including their business registration certificate, past experiences and portfolio. We also call their past clients and collect reviews. We do not approve professional to be listed on our website if they are unable to provide the information. While we do our best to address any issues that are brought to our attention, we recommend clients be smart and thorough with their research if they feel uncertain. And of course, should any serious issues be found, please report to us.
Quote Requests
1. I haven’t heard anything back from the service provider who has provided a quote. What do I do?
You might try sending a follow-up message. You can do that by logging in and going to your Dashboard(Client). If you still do not receive anything, it’s time to look for other professionals.
2. I need to change my project information, can I amend my existing quote request?
You are not able to amend the information. Please inform the professionals you choose for project update or post a new job request online to receive accurate quotations.
3. Will my contact details be disclosed to others?
Don't worry! Your contact details will not be disclosed to anyone until you click “Make Offer”. Your contact details will then only be disclosed to the professional you choose. Therefore, you do not need to worry about receiving aggressive sales messages and calls.
4. I am no longer interested communicating with a professional. What can I do?
If there are professionals you are not interested in or no longer wish to communicate with, you can decline the service provider’s quotation. The service provider will not be able to send you any further messages or quotes. To do that, go to “Active Request” on your Dashboard, select “View Details” of the project / professional you wish to decline, and press “Decline.”
5. Can I negotiate the price in the quote?
Of course, you can. But please be respectful and understanding that everyone has a business to run and livelihood to make. Most service providers are quoting well-thought-out prices that correctly match the quality and quantity of service you desire.
1. Do I have to complete the hiring through 2Easy?
You should only click “Make Offer” if the professional meets your requirement. Then, the professional will be able to view your contact details and contact you for further discussion.

When the project has been completed, please come back and write a review on the professional profile. 2Easy will be offering you publicity service for free. We will publish your company name and brief profile in our monthly newsletter. We will share with our audiences on social media and business partners (Potential reach over 10,000 contacts).
1. How do I leave a review?
If the professional receives your project on the 2Easy portal, please go to login to Dashboard, click "Submit Review".

If you know the professional through other channels, please visit professional’s business profile, click "Client Review" and then click "Submit Review".

We encourage you to leave a review on the service provider and share 2Easy on your social network. 2Easy will be offering your business publicity service for free. We will publish your company name and brief profile in our monthly newsletter. We will share with our audiences on social media and business partners (Potential reach over 10,000 contacts)